Every event needs a strong organizing team

Organising Committee

Gerti Taschler (President)
Irene Watschinger (Vice-President)
Eugenio Rizzo (Vice-President)
Patrick De Zordo
Hannes Fuchs
Johanna Furtschegger
Peter-Paul Lanz
Martin Rienzner
Gerhard Steinmair

General Secretary

Caren Prugger

Tecnical Committee

Race Director Eugenio Paolo Rizzo
Race Director Assistent Martin Taschler
Chief of Course Gerti Taschler
Stadion Gerhard Steinmair
Coordinator technical sectors Gerti Taschler & Eugenio Paolo Rizzo
Responsible media implementation Martin Seiwald
Responsible TV Joachim Hofmann
General secretary Caren Prugger
Speaker Hanspeter Fuchs & Anton Lanz
Race Office Hannes Fuchs
Shuttle & Transfer Jan Patzleiner
Antidoping Marina Rizzo
Start-Finish Silke Keinath
Check points Track Maria Steinwandter
Check points Access Patrick De Zordo
Accreditation Julia Hofmann
Press assistance Matteo Andronico
Catering Grandhotel Hotelfachschule Bruneck
Parking Peter-Paul Lanz
Press Christian Morandell
Race Doctor Dr. Francesco Coscia
Prize Giving Ceremony Irene Watschinger
VIP-Catering Hotelfachschule Bruneck
Refreshment volunteers Circolo Culturale
Waxing Michael Steinwandter
Athletes Room - Coffee Break Press Hotelfachschule Bruneck
Subpress-Center Josef Viertler
Coordination Athletes Room Johanna Furtschegger
Responsible Opening Ceremony Martin Rienzner
Infopoint Laura Savoia

... and of course many volunteers